A Bread Affair

We’re proud to be BC’s first Certified Organic Bakery. Our artisan breads are lovingly made in small batches by the hands of our skilled artisan bakers, without preservatives....
Johnston Street

Lee's Donuts

At Lee's Donuts, we make fresh donuts everyday using only the freshest ingredients available and fry our donuts in only trans-fat-free vegetable shortening....
Public Market

Muffin Granny

Muffin Granny was one of the original stores in Granville Market in 1979 and has evolved since then. In 2003, we added a full line of sweet and savoury French crepes, each one made to order....
Public Market

Siegel's Bagels

At Seigel's Bagels, we specialize in Montreal style bagels and smoked meat. Our bagels are baked in a traditional flame oven. We use fresh ingredients and produce and always serve you with a smile.
Public Market

Stuart's Bakery

Stuart’s Bakery has become well known for our large array of fresh pastries, cookies, cakes, and desserts. Artisan breads are now available at Stuart’s Bakery....
Public Market

Terra Breads

At Terra Breads, we bake our crusty breads fresh every day in stone hearth ovens. Using quality ingredients and natural starters, we leaven, shape, and bake our breads in a slow, artisan process....
Public Market