Help us Become a Zero-Waste Island!

Help us become a Zero Waste Island!

From the creation of the modern Granville Island, with its adaptive reuse of industrial buildings, to our current zero waste initiatives, our community strives to be a leader in sustainability.
Working with tenants to reduce our mixed waste, and maximize the diversion of recyclable and compostable waste, Granville Island is aiming to have a reduction rate of 70% by year-end. 
Some zero waste initiatives that are currently taking place on the Island include:

  • The fast food vendors in the Public Market only use compostable or recyclable materials, and eliminated styrofoam completely from their waste streams.


  • By the end of 2014 all restaurants on Granville Island will be diverting pre- and post-consumer organic waste to composting facilities.


  • Carousel Theatre Company has begun a program to recycle sets from their past productions. Set pieces are sent to schools, and other facilities, where they are reused for new theatre performances.


  • Granville Island Brewing sends their spent grains to local farmers to be used as livestock feed.

Granville Island is also undertaking additional sustainability initiatives, including: 

  • A multi-year update to lighting. Energy efficient fixtures are replacing the original lighting improving illumination while reducing electricity use.


  • The investment in an electrical maintenance service vehicle, reducing fuel use by Island operations.