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8. Visit the brewery

Time for a beer. The Granville Island Brewing Co. started right here and was British Columbia's first "cottage" brewery. Take a tour or try more ales at the Dockside Restaurant at the Granville Island Hotel. For a more exotic “brew”, visit Canada’s only Artisan Sake Maker in Railspur Alley.


9. Attend a festival

Don’t you dare miss one of the Island’s regular festivals or events (music, wooden boats, performing arts, literature and food). Showcased at three theatres, the amazing Performance Works space, an outdoor amphitheatre and the unique Ocean Art Works. Festivals also take place in many outdoor spaces, studios, Emily Carr University and café's.

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10. The Maritime Market

Get closer to the Pacific. Sprawled across the southwest side of the Island, you'll find boating supplies and clothing, tours and fishing, plus a handful of boat-builders at work.

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