Gallery and visual arts

  • Function and Beyond

    This exhibition is an exploration of the tea ritual: a celebration of teapots and cups in an extraordinary form, function, and concept. Teapots in different shapes, sizes and forms show us their own charms; perhaps the idea of drinking tea itself brings us contentment. The intention of this show is to bring the feel of comfort, the solitary, social, and sometimes whimsical ritual of drinking tea. Artist Kasumi Lampitoc hopes to convey different senses, emotions, or thoughts beyond functionality by looking at the various pieces. For more information visit

  • Please Leave Nothing

    An exhibition of new work by scholarship residents Cara Seccafien and Matthew Van Asselt opens on Thursday June 5 from 6 to 9pm, and continues until Sunday June 29 at 5pm. Cara’s works in this exhibition break the monopoly of hetero-normative visual culture. The depicted bodies are steeped in symbols of sexuality and voyeurism. Stereotypically and in popular culture, hula hooping is an intersection between innocent childish behaviours and prescribed female sexuality.  In these images she strives to represent the body as both. For more information visit

  • The Creation of the Universe

    The Creation of the Universe by Emmanuelle Jacques explores the generative nature of print media and its transposition into video animation, then photography. What resulted are 1250 unique images out of 15,625 possible combinations. Each print is comprised of 3 of the 25 blocks, printed in the 3 primary colours. Though varied in combination, the colour is consistently layered in the order of: yellow; magenta; and cyan. Each block was assigned a number to identify its place within the gradual transformation of this motif. For more information visit

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