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  • Brendan Lee Satish Tang & Diyan Achjadi Residue: Tracing the Lore

    Opening on Thursday September 10, 2015, at 6pm, Brendan Lee Satish Tang and Diyan Achjadi present a series of wearable 3D prints. For more information visit

  • Colleen Hessling Treading Buoylines

    Treading Buoylines is an exhibition of new work by Colleen Heslin. The paintings in the exhibition, all made within the past year, speak to the artist’s recent investigations into form, materiality, experimentation and happenstance. Though they engage in discourses around painterly abstraction, Heslin’s works are comprised of fabric, ink and dye—materials that are traditionally associated with crafting and needlework. The artist stitches these two seemingly discordant practices together, and although the resulting paintings speak of gendered use value, Heslin is more focused on the opportunities for experimentation that her choice of materials allows. For more information visit

  • Culture Days: International Day of the Dead

    Dia de los Muertos powerfully affirms life and creativity. Our dearly departed are considered ever present, so we may celebrate with them and not only for them. 
    Conceived by artist Ari De La Mora and presented by the Granville Island Business and Community Association, the International Day of the Dead Tour & Exhibit on Granville Island will feature decorated skulls, a familiar symbol of Dia de los Muertos, displayed in several Granville Island storefronts. An international array of artists will share their interpretation of death through their painted skull. 
    With artists from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Australia, England, Canada, Tibet, France, China and through support from the Bill Reid Gallery, the tour/exhibition will include skulls painted by several Canadian Indigenous artists. Visit for a self-guided tour map, or create your own tour by visiting the following businesses in no particular order:

    Bodacious (Creekhouse, Johnston Street)
    Craft Council of BC (Crafthouse, Cartwright Street)
    Devil May Wear (Net Loft, across from the Public Market)
    Dragonspace (Creekhouse, Johnston Street)
    Emily Carr University of Art & Design (Johnston Street)
    Federation of Canadian Artists (Cartwright Street)
    Gallery of BC Ceramics (Cartwright Street)
    i.e. creative (Railspur Alley)
    Inkary (Maritime Market, Duranleau Street)
    Kroma Artists Acrylics (Net Loft, Duranleau Street)
    Ocean Breath Yoga (Maritime Market, Foreshore Walk)
    Ten Thousand Villages (Maritime Market, Duranleau Street)
    The John Nutter Studio (Net Loft, Duranleau Street)

    Learn more about the artists and International Day of the Dead by clicking on the following link:

  • Scenes from Western Canada

    A scene. Loosely defined as a place where either real life or fictional events take place, Scenes from Western Canada the exhibition is about much more than natural scenery. There is no shortage of inspiration from the environment in Western Canada. Spoilt for natural bounty from mountains, trees, coastlines, fields, rainforests, prairies, boreal forest, and even desert, there is an abundance of natural scenery that has driven many an impassioned artist to the easel, as well as farms and ranches, parks, vineyards, suburbs, uptown, downtown, and the city streets. Everyday life, the people that live there, and the events that take place, all make up scenes from our daily lives. For more information visit

  • Vancouver Biennale: OSGEMEOS “Giants” Mural

    The Vancouver Biennale has transformed a Granville Island industrial landmark into a gigantic work of public art! OSGEMEOS's monumental, 360-degree, 23 metre tall mural is the biggest public mural of their career and their first in Canada. The mural measures a colourful 7,200 square metres and is painted on the six gigantic silos that are part of the Ocean Construction and Building Supplies plant. For more information visit

  • West Coast Synergies

    The Craft Council of BC is pleased to present a selection of work created collaboratively by members of the Vancouver Metal Arts Association and The Greater Vancouver Weavers’ & Spinners’ Guild, along with artisans in other craft mediums, in celebration of Craft Year 2015. The members of the Greater Vancouver Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild (GVWSG) are fibre enthusiasts creating textile arts through spinning, dyeing, weaving and felting. The GVWSG, founded in 1935 to promote and encourage the art and craft of weaving and spinning and to provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge, skills and ideas, is also celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2015. The Vancouver Metal Arts Association (VMAA) is a community of metalsmiths-jewellers, blacksmiths, sculptors, mixed-media artists, enamellists, and others who work with metal or have an interest in the metal arts. For more information visit


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