Gallery and visual arts

  • Clay Pride – Show your Colours)

    Keeping with the theme of August’s Pride events in Vancouver, the Gallery of BC Ceramics presents Clay Pride – Show your Colours), an exhibition promoting the work of LBGT Guild members and allies. For more information visit


  • Metamorphosis

    Metamorphosis is a collaboration of two artists, coming together receptive to each other’s creative vision to create vessels that demonstrate harmony of the contrasting materials. The exhibition is an exploration of the connection of the two sisters living at opposite ends of the Province. Their collaboration of work in clay and pine needle basketry symbolizes both their connection and the interdependency of the Pine trees, Earth, and Man. For more information visit

  • The Creation of the Universe

    The Creation of the Universe by Emmanuelle Jacques explores the generative nature of print media and its transposition into video animation, then photography. What resulted are 1250 unique images out of 15,625 possible combinations. Each print is comprised of 3 of the 25 blocks, printed in the 3 primary colours. Though varied in combination, the colour is consistently layered in the order of: yellow; magenta; and cyan. Each block was assigned a number to identify its place within the gradual transformation of this motif. For more information visit

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