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  • A Furious Hunger

    A Furious Hunger exhibits new works by Barb Snyder and Daylen Luchsinger. In this body of work, both artists explore the social and ecological relationships between our growing society and the global environment. Found images, excerpts from texts and conversations, and found physical objects have been collected and collaged in assemblages that investigate these complex relationships. For more information visit

  • And they thought, Where do we go from here?

    And they thought, where do we go from here? is a 40th anniversary exhibition of Malaspina Printmakers’ founders: Gary Bowden, Chris Brady, Bob Evermon, Monique Fouquet, Michael Jolliffe, Deborah Koenker, and Renée Van Halm. In 1975, these seven artists, all associated with the Vancouver School of Art (Emily Carr University of Art and Design), gathered at the Mido Gallery on Main Street to create a new society that would allow them to apply for funds for an international print exhibition. 40 years later, Malaspina Printmakers is showing their work from that time period, along with newer work. Please join them for the opening celebration on Thursday, November 12, 2015, from 6pm – 9pm. For more information, visit

  • Emily Carr University Student Art Sale

    The Emily Carr University Student Art Sale is an exciting time for students, and a fabulous opportunity for them to introduce you to their work! This legendary sale attracts close to 3,000 visitors each year and features works by up and coming student artists working in photography, ceramics, painting, sculpture, printmaking, communications design, industrial design, illustration, drawing, collage, and much more, including objects like clothing and jewellery. Students spend weeks or months preparing for the event, and are key in creating a lively and creative space for both browsers and buyers to peruse the thousands of works and objects showcased – all certified student made! For more information visit

  • INSPIRED: Emerging Local Jewellery Artists

    This show, curated by Andrea Roberts, is presenting each artist’s creative impulse that is reflective to design approach, concept, execution, interpretation, and the path one chooses for their own personal reasons. Inspiration is the motivator of a creative impulse that starts a creative process. It needs courage and care to start this process to blossom over time. This show is a celebration of creativity that fosters and produces healthy communities where our human experience can thrive best. Artists include Alexandro Gage Francois, Beata Kacy, Betsy McLeod, Linda Read, Sue Fitzwilson, Keiko Fukumura, Carrie Yodanis, Kayoko Hayashi, Dana Reed, Elena Surcheva, Tanya Boya, Michael McSkimming, Kristal Vinas, Joan McKitka McLean, and Peggy Logan. For more information visit

  • Muse

    Every artist has their muse. What or who inspires you to make artwork? Do the Old Masters or Impressionist painters drive you to your easel? What about that landscape you couldn’t forget or the person you needed to immortalise in paint? Muse is an exhibition of artworks that explores inspiring subject matter. This exhibition features Active and Signature member artists of the Federation and all artworks are available for sale. For more information visit

  • Rachel Gourley: Contained

    Bringing her incongruously coloured ‘Doodles’ of polymer and wire in from the natural settings they were first exhibited in, Gourley displays them in varying containers, exploring how the Doodles might be contorted, escape or may need to avoid containment. For more information visit

  • Signature FCA Medal Show

    In this annual exhibition hosted by the Federation, Signature FCA members are invited to showcase the finest examples of their work. Signature status is only awarded to artists demonstrating excellence in their field and is the highest accolade the FCA awards. Not to be missed, this is a once-a-year celebration of excellence from some of the most dynamic practising artists in Canada. For more information visit

  • Vancouver Biennale: OSGEMEOS “Giants” Mural

    The Vancouver Biennale has transformed a Granville Island industrial landmark into a gigantic work of public art! OSGEMEOS's monumental, 360-degree, 23 metre tall mural is the biggest public mural of their career and their first in Canada. The mural measures a colourful 7,200 square metres and is painted on the six gigantic silos that are part of the Ocean Construction and Building Supplies plant. For more information visit

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