Gallery and visual arts

  • Autumn Salon

    Autumn Salon is an opportunity for artists to showcase their strongest works without the restrictions of subject matter or theme. Visit the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery to admire the talent of Canadian artists when their work is free of boundaries. For more information visit

  • Brendan Lee Satish Tang & Diyan Achjadi Residue: Tracing the Lore

    Opening on Thursday September 10, 2015, at 6pm, Brendan Lee Satish Tang and Diyan Achjadi present a series of wearable 3D prints. For more information visit

  • Dundarave Summer Group Exhibition

    Throughout the summer the printmakers of the Dundarave Print Workshop will be exhibiting new and small format original prints. We invite you to stop in to see this diverse range of work including etchings, monotypes, relief prints, collagraphs and more. As pieces are sold, new works go up to create an ever changing exhibition. For more information visit

  • Scenes from Western Canada

    A scene. Loosely defined as a place where either real life or fictional events take place, Scenes from Western Canada the exhibition is about much more than natural scenery. There is no shortage of inspiration from the environment in Western Canada. Spoilt for natural bounty from mountains, trees, coastlines, fields, rainforests, prairies, boreal forest, and even desert, there is an abundance of natural scenery that has driven many an impassioned artist to the easel, as well as farms and ranches, parks, vineyards, suburbs, uptown, downtown, and the city streets. Everyday life, the people that live there, and the events that take place, all make up scenes from our daily lives. For more information visit

  • Shannon Butler: Buffalo Rose

    A deep respect for all things nostalgic, weathered, rusted, vintage, and her rural northern upbringing, informs Butler’s clay sculptural and function work. This work explores the contradiction and juxtaposition inherent in the creation of a more authentic type of beauty. For more information visit

  • The Art of Tea: A Celebration of Tea Bowls

    A tea bowl, or chawan, is a bowl that is used for preparing and drinking tea. The ceremonial preparation and presentation involving preparing the tea is as beautiful and rooted in tradition as the vessel itself. For this exhibition, members display their handmade ceramic tea bowls. Although tea bowls are a very traditional vessel, there are many different styles and shapes for them, as is reflected in the work of Pottery Guild members. For more information visit

  • Vancouver Biennale: OSGEMEOS “Giants” Mural

    The Vancouver Biennale has transformed a Granville Island industrial landmark into a gigantic work of public art! OSGEMEOS's monumental, 360-degree, 23 metre tall mural is the biggest public mural of their career and their first in Canada. The mural measures a colourful 7,200 square metres and is painted on the six gigantic silos that are part of the Ocean Construction and Building Supplies plant. For more information visit

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