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  • Charmian Nimmo: Still Life

    This foray into non-functional, small scale sculptural work is the result of artist Charmian Nimmo’s love of animals and her habit of collecting and saving things that would otherwise often be thrown away. Many wild animals have now become urban and live in the cities amongst our homes and industries. This work is a playful attempt to create environments and stories for her own representations of these creatures in the found pieces, both natural and man-made that she has collected over the years. Some of the pieces are pit-fired which creates an organic, smoky and somewhat mysterious surface, some are mid-range fired with glazes. For more information visit

  • Dundarave Summer Group Exhibition

    Throughout the summer the printmakers of the Dundarave Print Workshop will be exhibiting new and small format original prints. We invite you to stop in to see this diverse range of work including etchings, monotypes, relief prints, collagraphs and more. As pieces are sold, new works go up to create an ever changing exhibition. For more information visit

  • Immersed Fashion Show

    IMMERSED portrays an artistic view on the depths of the ocean through lighting, sound, textiles and fashion movement. Class #149 from JC Institute presents their fashion show held at Performance Works on Granville Island. The show will be on Tuesday July 14th, 2015 hosted by Street Scout Me creators Jeremy and Sabrina. All net proceeds will be going to The Looking Glass Foundation. For more information send an email to

  • The Machine of Awesome Bright Liquid Blueness ‘s Campaign4awesome

    Featuring 10,000 LED lights and operating as an interactive apparatus, The Machine of Awesome Bright Liquid Blueness wants you to solve it. You will be rewarded for seeing and understanding what needed to be done. It wants you to touch it in special places, to embrace it. For more information visit

  • The Magic Realism of Marco Tulio

    Artist Marco Tulio’s human figures are the modernized version of the Classical figure; meanwhile, he adds elements of surrealism, and plays up color and texture to make each piece seem so impossibly real! Beyond the chiselled bodies and near-to-perfect, idealized human figures, he pays homage to his South American culture providing elements of mythology and mystical imagery that is unique to a Marco Tulio painting. An increasing admiration for his figures is largely due to the rich colour and texture he paints; he makes the image on the one-dimensional canvas appear tangible and three-dimensional. For more information visit

  • Vancouver Biennale: OSGEMEOS “Giants” Mural

    The Vancouver Biennale has transformed a Granville Island industrial landmark into a gigantic work of public art! OSGEMEOS's monumental, 360-degree, 23 metre tall mural is the biggest public mural of their career and their first in Canada. The mural measures a colourful 7,200 square metres and is painted on the six gigantic silos that are part of the Ocean Construction and Building Supplies plant. For more information visit

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