Seasonal Recipes

“Ooh, is that from Granville Island? Mind if I try one?”

You certainly don’t need a special excuse to browse the Public Market. But if you’re looking for a little inspiration for a dinner party or are simply up for trying new things, then look no further. And remember to check back soon as we’re constantly updating this section.

Porchetta Sandwich with Sliced Figs

It may seem intimidating, but porchetta isn’t all that difficult to prepare and the rewards are well worth your effort. Essentially, it’s pork belly wrapped around pork loin, but when it’s seasoned just right and roasted until the outer layer develops a salty pork crackling crust, the resulting combination of textures and flavours are anything but simple. Mike from Tenderland Meats adds fresh sliced figs to his version of the traditional Italian roast, and with quality ingredients, shows us how to elevate a sandwich to gourmet status.

Squid Ink Pasta with Spot Prawns, Tomatoes, & Chilies

Loris at Zara’s Deli can hardly keep his house-made squid ink pasta in stock. In recent months, he’s noticed a real trend and people are snatching it up as fast as he can make it – if you’re lucky you might even catch him in the process as his pasta maker is on display in-store, right behind the glass.