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  • Prepared using Zara’s fennel sausages, house-made plum tomato sauce, and fresh Casarecce pasta, it has a depth of flavour that highlights the advantages of using quality ingredients made from scratch.
  • This Tex-Mex-seasoned chicken comes out tender and full-flavoured and with only three ingredients and three steps, you don’t have to be a chef to prepare it. Since it takes 8 hours, we suggest making it on a weekend so it will be ready to go for the week.
  • Using white wine or sake, lots of fresh seafood, bacon, veggies, fresh herbs, and other seasonings, it’s a rich and hearty meal that’s best enjoyed on the coast.
  • Like any tough cut of meat, short ribs are the best when braised. A long and gentle simmer breaks down the abundant fat, leaving the ribs especially tender. Easy to make, yet exceptionally impressive, Armando from Armando’s Finest Quality Meats shows us with just a few basic ingredients and minimum preparation, you can get a flavourful and delectable dish with a wonderfully tasty sauce that practically makes itself. Just uncover the pot and it’s ready to be served with a side of succotash salad and a glass of chilled, white wine. Suggested Wine Pairing: Domaine des Escaravailles Les Sabieres Cotes du Rhone from Liberty Wine Merchants
  • Sustainably-farmed at Lois Lake, BC – this steelhead trout contains more robust, full flavours and has a firmer texture than the more commonly eaten rainbow trout. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday dish that can take centre stage – look no further! Perfectly flaky, moist, and juicy, Brian at Seafood City shows us how a quick and simple recipe can demand attention at the dinner table. Serves 4 Suggested wine pairing: Chablis grand vin de bourgogne 2012