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Squid Salad with Tamarind Dressing

While you may not know it in its raw form, if you’ve ever reached into your pantry of "secret ingredients" for a bottle of Worcestershire sauce to add a little zip to your special sauce or salad dressing, you are using tamarind in your cooking. (serves 4 to 6)

Simple Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue is great way to entertain, especially during the Fall and Winter. Use your imagination and substitute different hard to semi-hard cheeses for different flavours. You can also spice it up by using combinations such as Jack cheese with Jalapeno etc. Serves 4


Thanksgiving might be behind us, but these Bourbon Pumpkin Tarts from Edible BC will keep us giving thanks any time of year.

Fennel Salad


Brandied Cherries

Cherries are addictive fresh and thank goodness, they also freeze well. Or, for consenting adults, they are great brandied.

Spring Lamb Loin with Sunchoke Puree and Minted Caponata

Eric from Edible BC loves to introduce people to the very best of BC’s culinary artisans and this Spring Lamb Loin recipe will do exactly that. This gorgeous meal serves up a tantalizing mix of fresh seasonal flavours and is guaranteed to treat your palate. Even better, this dish combines an array of great ingredients you’ll find throughout the Public Market on your next visit!

Boiled Spot Prawns with Soya Chili Dipping Sauce

By Stephen Wong. Chef Robert Belcham, famous for his Spot Prawn Boil at Refuel (Saturdays during the month of May) taught me his simple secret to some of the most succulent prawns ever: Just pour boiling water over a single layer of prawns in a roasting pan until covered. Wait 5 minutes, peel and enjoy.

Spot Prawns at the Public Market

As the Public Market on Granville Island got going in the 80’s, local prawns were an unknown commodity in Vancouver. Most people and restaurants bought frozen imported crustaceans and shellfish.  Through the efforts of local chefs, “eat local” movements, fishermen and fish shops, BC spot prawns are now a seasonal favourite in the Public Market.

Deep-fried boneless turkey thigh

Deep-frying a whole turkey safely not only requires somewhat specialized equipment, it’s frankly, not for the faint of heart. But a turkey thigh roast cooked this way is easily manageable and quite delicious. Served with the following BBQ corn recipe inspired by James Barber and smashed potatoes. Add a side salad of seasonal greens and the meal is complete.


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