Day Vendors (Adjudication process is closed until 2022)

The Day Vendors of the Granville Island Public Market invite you to experience a diverse array of BC’s finest in craft, art and artisan created foods! We are the artists, craftspeople, farm and food artisans located in booths throughout the Market. We offer diverse, high-quality handmade and local products – all created, grown or produced by the vendor.

Due to Covid 19 health and safety guidelines, Granville Island Day Vendors are currently not in the Public Market. Please search the Granville Island directory to contact our current day vendors directly for sales information.

The Public Market Day Vendors are some of the finest in their fields. Many are award-winning, full-time professionals, and all pass through a stringent process in order to sell their work in the Market. We have something for everyone, every day:

  • Fine jewelry
  • Fine art and photography
  • Functional and decorative ceramics
  • Fashion accessories: hats, bags, and silks
  • Fused and stained glass
  • Handmade soaps, lotions, and bath products
  • Delicious jams, preserves, sauces, and treats
  • …and much, much more!

Operating on a rotating schedule, the mix of vendors changes every week – there are always new creations to discover.

Interested in becoming a Granville Island Day Vendor? (Adjudication process is closed until 2022)

Thank you for your interest in the Granville Island Day Vendor Program. Every year, Granville Island attracts millions of visitors from around the world to enjoy the unique Granville Island experience and to shop from local artists and artisans that create their own handmade quality products. Please read through the following information to ensure you qualify before applying. Any applications that do not qualify will be returned.

What is the Day Vendor Program?

The Day Vendor Program provides a platform to small owner-operated businesses who wish to sell their wares within the Granville Island Public Market. Approximately 40 temporary vendor tables rotate on a weekly basis with a focus on adjudicated Artist and Artisan vendors. Food vendors and other ancillary vendors provide additional interest and variety to the Public Market mix. The representation within the Day Vendor program varies depending on Artist & Artisan bookings as well as the offerings of permanent Public Market tenants. The Day Vendor Program, including vendor selection, probation, terminations, bookings and table allocation, is managed by the Tenant Coordinators.

The Food Vendors are selected through a different application process. If you have a food product that would fit in the Public Market, please contact us at coordinators[at]

Do I Qualify?

Only products produced by BC Artist & Artisan will be considered.

A BC Artist & Artisan is defined as:

A British Columbian resident* whose studio and home address is located in British Columbia.

*BC Resident means: person who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, and who’s only or primary residence is in British Columbia, AND has been physically present in British Columbia for the greater portion of each of the 12 calendar months immediately preceding the date of application.

Verification of residency will be required. In the case of joint partnerships all crafters must fit the criteria above.

An article is considered to be hand-crafted and eligible for adjudication when:

  • The shaping and forming of the article is from a variety of materials, its finishing and decoration are accomplished by hand-labour;
  • Manually controlled methods are used that permit the maker to control and transform the construction, shape, design and finishing of each major part of an individual product.
  • The article is the original idea of a craftsperson, or a skilful rendering of a traditional or classic design.
  • Each item is hand-crafted by the Artists or Artisans;
  • Ready-made parts or materials are used if they are subordinate to the total design and craftsmanship of the article;
  • A craftsperson, by definition, displays craftsmanship, not just "handiness".

All Artists & Artisans must keep a record of receipts and purchases of raw materials and supplies. Records must be made available as part of a studio tour or for verification of product craftsmanship.

Products that WILL NOT be considered for adjudication include:

  • clothing (excluding accessories such as hats, scarves and belts)
  • crafts containing non-CSA approved electrical goods
  • mass produced or manufactured goods
  • kits or goods made from kits
  • second-hand goods (upcycled materials are acceptable)
  • embellished items (e.g. decorated pre-made plant pots, painted sneakers, clay greenware, etc.)
  • assembled goods (e.g. bought beads strung together to make a necklace)
  • scented goods, unless the scent is completely enclosed

Only products that can be displayed in a space not exceeding 8 ' wide, 3' deep and 7' high will be considered (with the exception of the Wood category).

How do I apply? (Adjudication process is closed until 2022)

Adjudicated Artist & Artisan Day Vendors must apply for the program every two years. Successful applicants of the 2019 Adjudication will be able to sell their wares in the Public Market from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021.

Day Vendors not subject to the Adjudication process (for example, food vendors) may apply to program throughout the year. All submissions must be sent to the Tenant Coordinators at [email protected] for review and consideration.

What happens once I get accepted?


Successful applicants to the Day Vendor Program MUST attend the mandatory Day Vendor Orientation Session which the Tenant Coordinators will schedule prior to March 31, 2019. The date and time of the session will be provided to all required participants no later than March 1, 2019. Attendance at the orientation session is a requirement of participation in the Day Vendor Program.


Effective April 1, 2019:

All Vendors (Food and Craft)  $40/day;  15% off for full week booking

Effective April 1, 2020:

All Vendors (Food and Craft)  $45/day; 15% off for full week booking.



Prior to each booking period, Day Vendors will fill out a booking request form with their requested dates. The booking periods are as follows:

April – June


September – November


Dates are awarded to a maximum of two weeks per month. You may request additional “waitlist” time. There is a minimum attendance requirement of 14 days in a 3 month period in order to qualify

for high demand summer (July & August) and December bookings. Of the 14 days booked, 7 must be weekdays.

Bookings and table allocation are determined based on a combination of Day Vendor attendance, rotation and benefit to the Public Market’s tenant mix. Table allocation is at the sole discretion of the Tenant Coordinators.


Day Vendors must ensure their tables are adequately staffed at all times with the primary Artist(s) & Artisan(s) personally staffing their table for a minimum of 50% of Public Market operating hours. Public Market hours are from 9am to 7pm, unless otherwise specified by CMHC. Daytables must remain open during these hours; it is each Day Vendor’s responsibility to ensure this requirement is met.


Day Vendors must sign 2 copies of the Granville Island Day Vendor License Agreement before booking dates in the Public Market. The License Agreement governs the relationship between Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) as Granville Island’s managing body, and the Day Vendor.


All day Vendors must carry and provide proof of liability insurance to the Tenant Coordinators including CMHC as an additional insured for a minimum of two million dollars. Insurance must be in place and provided to CMHC prior to first dates in the Public Market.