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Day Vendor in Public Market
Cold Water Photography / John Kaay

The west coast of British Columbia is home to an abundance of marine life. Anemones, sea stars, chitons, jellyfish, sculpins, octopi and squid are but a few examples of the

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Day Vendor in Public Market
David Friedman

David Friedman was born in Vancouver, Canada, and currently resides in the city. He is a musician and an accomplished artist who works with precious and semi-precious stones, including a

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Day Vendor in Public Market
Detailed Designworks / Paula Fodchuk

Paula is an acrylic and watercolour artist who finds inspiration in the exquisiteness of her surroundings – her home, her garden, neighbourhood and community, as well as the natural beauty

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Day Vendor in Public Market
Driftwood Bay Designs / Marcel Merks

Driftwood birdhouses, custom rustic driftwood furniture and charcuterie boards. Inspiration for Marcel’s birdhouses and driftwood furniture come from his love of nature, gardening and birds. Through his birdhouses, Marcel aims

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