Fairytales and Legends

Friday, October 23, 2020

Live on Zoom

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Oral and written traditions have produced some of the world’s best-known and fascinating tales, from Gilgamesh to the Trickster, Beauty and the Beast and mythologies born on the islands of Hawai’i. In an evocative and deeply subversive afternoon of mythic reimaginings and deconstructed narratives, three authors blend genre, moral dilemmas, the supernatural and, of course, happily-ever-afters. Katherine Fawcett’s Swan Suit delivers the contemporary, witty and macabre, while Amanda Leduc’s Disfigured explores disability and difference in fairytales. Kawai Strong Washburn’s Sharks in the Time of Saviors rounds out the conversation with contemporary legends of heritage and survival. Prepare to revisit humanity’s oldest and most beloved story forms—and see them reformed into meaningful messages for our modern world.