Lantern City on Granville Island

Saturday, January 29, 2022 to Monday, February 21, 2022

This Lunar New Year, The Lantern City is lighting up Granville Island for the first time!

CMHC, with the Asian Canadian Special Events Association, brings The Lantern City to Granville Island! In 2019, a group of Indigenous artists embraced the idea of celebrating the Lunar New Year tradition in the form of Coastal Lunar Lanterns, a collaborative project between LunarFest Vancouver and Tourism Vancouver that aims to make Vancouver the top North American destination for Lunar New Year celebrations. In the third year of this project, with Granville Island’s support, the Asian Canadian Special Events Association will be creating and curating six unique large-scale lanterns that will be installed in the outdoor courtyard of the Ocean Art Works Pavilion, to mark the Lunar New Year. Find out more about each artist and their piece on The Lantern City website, or visit the lanterns in person any time, day or night, between January 29th and February 21st.    

Granville Island is a place of creativity, where many residents of Vancouver have fond memories of childhood tied to its colourful setting, so the local theme is “Forever Young”. Children are fountains of creativity, with imaginations sprawling farther than their arms can reach, providing us with a refreshing perspective on how, together, we can build better communities for brighter tomorrows. Under the collective youth theme, individual artist pieces have been inspired by imagination, transformation, Indian Residential Schools, conservation efforts and cultural expression. 

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