Pop-Up Concert – ‘Where the Quiet Queers Are’ – Amplify Choral Theatre

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Net Loft: 1:15pm

Public Market: 2:15pm


Amplify Choral will be performing a twenty minute musical excerpt of their play Where the Quiet Queers Are`, that was recently premiered during the Vancouver International Fringe Festival on Granville Island. Catch this heart-warming pop-up performance in the Net Loft at 1:15pm and the Public Market by Blue Parrot at 2:15pm.

Amplify Choral Theatre, is an emerging performance ensemble exploring how choral music can help amplify the stories of marginalized voices. A highlight of the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival, Amplify’s pilot project, 'Where the Quiet Queers Are', features a diverse team of queer choristers and theatre makers. The show incorporates choral music, movement, and original poetry, and tackles a queer narratives rarely addressed, even in LGBTQ+ media. 'Where the Quiet Queers Are' tells the story of an intense, loving queer friendship.

Written and directed by Laura Fukumoto with Sara Jellicoe and Elyse Kantonen, starring Arthi Chandra and Kiyomi Hori.

For quite a few of us on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, we have made our chosen family from our friends. This is especially true in Vancouver, where the loneliness of ‘no fun city’ and the stress of continuously rising costs of living make the bonds of chosen family more important than ever. Audience members will be drawn into the world of the show, and see how, even within the relative safety of these queer families, we continue to learn about the expectations and boundaries of friendships, including how friends are allowed to touch each other with our voices and bodies.

Live Music