Granville Island Council Notice of Opportunity


Notice of Opportunity – Appointments to the Granville Island Council

The Minister responsible for CMHC is seeking qualified individuals for appointment to the Granville Island (“GI”) Council.  

The Council is being established to strengthen local authority, capacity and capability for GI, and to ensure GI’s future success and achievement of its vision and strategy.

Granville Island is a cultural, recreational and commercial destination for residents of Vancouver who enjoy GI’s offerings and amenities as part of their daily life, and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vancouver.

It is comprised of 15.2 hectares of land area and 2.1 hectares of tidal water area, and represents a major public land holding in close proximity to downtown Vancouver.  It includes approximately 700,000 sf. of net leasable area and accommodates over 275 businesses, provides more than 2,000 full-time jobs, and generates approximately $262 million in sales and $37.5 million in tax receipts a year (2016).

CMHC administers Granville Island on behalf of the Government of Canada pursuant to a 1973 Order in Council which transferred the administration, management and control of GI to CMHC.

The Council will be populated by local (Metro Vancouver) residents who understand and are enthusiastic about GI, offer a suitable combination of experience, perspectives and skills, and are reflective of the culture and energy of GI and the broader community it serves.  The group will bring diverse perspectives which will instill creativity and innovation into realizing GI’s vision of being the most inspiring public place in the world.

The Council will be composed of seven members. Two members will be appointed by CMHC, and five will be members of the local community, including one appointed by the City of Vancouver.  The members of the Council will be responsible for overseeing GI’s governance and practices, providing guidance on the management and affairs of GI and will review, recommend and implement plans for its immediate and long-term renewal.

Submission Requirements:

  • Please refer to the Council Member Profile and Council Member Criteria.
    • The deadline for submission is March 13, 2019. 
    • Submission package should include:
      • Name, address and contact information;
      • A brief bio;
      • Work, board, volunteer and education history;
      • Self-assessment of skills, experience and diversity considerations based on those outlined in the Council Member Profile and Council Member Criteria;
      • References; and
      • Motivation for serving on the Granville Island Council.


Send your submission for the Granville Island Council Opportunity to:

[email protected]

You may also direct any questions you have to this email.

This is not intended to be the sole means of recruitment.

Notice regarding privacy:  Personal information will be treated in accordance with applicable federal privacy legislation.  The selection process may include consultations with third parties who may discuss applications further with others.  Accordingly, confidentiality cannot be assured.

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