Itinerary: Romance Is in the Air


With dazzling city views, rolling ocean currents and glowing streets, Granville Island may just be one of the city’s most romantic destinations.

Amidst the island’s shops and services, you’ll find restaurants and activities perfect for first dates or anniversaries. Enjoy the intimate atmosphere, delicate seafood and ocean views at Sandbar, one of the island’s most beloved fine dining establishments. There’s nothing like laughing with the one you love, so following dinner, catch an improv show at the Vancouver Theatre Sports™ League. If you’re more in the mood for drama, or even live music, there are plenty of options to underscore your romantic evening out.

Don’t forget to indulge in something sweet! There are dessert shops, cafes and sweet treats scattered throughout the Public Market, not mention more than a few areas to grab a nightcap or two. Head to Liberty Distillery for their signature cocktail menu, made from small batch, high quality spirits right on Granville Island.

Finish the evening by taking in shimmering city views with a walk around the edge of the island. Stroll hand-in-hand throughout the shops, walkways and corridors and let your heartstrings be pulled by one of the island’ resident buskers.

If you’re not ready to for your night of amour to end, enjoy the sunrise/sunset from a room at Vancouver’s island oasis, the Granville Island Hotel. Sleep in, enjoy breakfast in bed and get ready to do it all over again.