Parking on Granville Island - UPDATE (updated April 30, 21)

April 8, 2021

Please note, temporary free day parking, in effect the past 14 months, ends April 30, 2021. 

Granville Island Public Market hours are 9AM - 6PM daily and Net Loft retail shops 10AM – 6PM. Most other businesses on the Island are now open, with the exception of theatres, however hours may vary - please call ahead or visit 


Temporary free parking was intended to draw attention to the amount of parking available, and to support those businesses, artists and makers working on Granville Island, and their customers.  We continue to ask, please do not park and walk/ride off the Island, or park for any longer than a day trip from the marinas.

Why now

Where we would expect parking to be abundant due to the current travel restrictions, we were instead experiencing a high level of vehicles parking without supporting businesses on Granville Island. From employees of surrounding neighborhood businesses, to leisure groups parking to only ride their bikes along the seawall, and boaters gone for days and weeks at a time, much of the free parking was being used by people it was not intended for. This, unfortunately, resulted in a lack of available parking on the Island, particularly near the Public Market for shoppers, the docks for kayak, paddle board and boat rentals, and customers visiting the artisans, restaurants and shops across the Island.

We know many of our regular shoppers and parents shop early, and parking is widely available at that time, so parking will continue to be free until 11AM. We also know restaurants and hospitality businesses need our support after the Public Market has closed, so parking after 6PM will also continue to be free - however, in order ensure parking is available mid-day to those supporting the Island businesses, pay parking will resume between 11AM and 6PM daily.   

With that, in consultation with our merchants and business owners, a decision has been made to return to pay parking on Granville Island, effective May 1, 2021.

Pay Parking  

Effective May 1st, 2021, EasyPark will again enforce parking on Granville Island  

Pay parking in effect 11 AM – 6 PM  daily / Free parking before 11 AM and after 6 PM  daily


Parking cost and how to pay

Monday – Friday $1/hour  

Weekends and holidays $2/hour  

Day-pass week day $7 (valid until 11 am the following day)  

Day-pass weekends/holidays $14 (valid until 11 am the following day

Drivers may purchase parking time for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or in 1-hour increments, or may purchase a day pass (overnight parking see below) by using any of the five smart phone apps listed below, at a meter or PayByPhone (number listed on meters). Both parking apps and meters allow visitors to pay in advance for their parking when arriving before 11AM, where phone apps and PayByPhone allow visitors to also extend their parking without having to return to a meter.  

To load apps to your phone 





Passport Parking   

If not using a phone app, Click here to see a map of Granville Island parking pay-station locations, all meters accept credit cards, a limited number accept coin.  


Cycling is a great way to visit Granville Island, and to encourage biking Granville Island is again providing free, covered, secure bike valet service daily right across from Railspur Alley, off Old Bridge Road. Please visit the Bike Valet page for more information. There is also a merchant sponsored bike-lock loaner program, please see bike racks around the Island.  

Accessible Parking  

There are 28 accessible parking spots available across Granville Island. Additionally, drop-offs for people with disabilities is located on Johnston St at the corner of Johnston St and Anderson Streets, just prior to the Public Market.  Click here to see a map of accessible parking stalls. 

Overnight Parking

There is no overnight, or extended parking, except in designated areas (the Old Bridge St Indoor Lot (Multi-Level Parkade on Old Bridge St) -  Directions: Drive on to the Island towards the Public Market. Entrance to the Old Bridge St Indoor Lot parkade is to the right, just past Railspur Alley on Old Bridge St (look for Ocean concrete ahead of you); Vehicle height restriction is 6’-6”.  

Overnight or extended parking is monitored and is currently allowed only in the Old Bridge St Indoor Parking Lot. To register your vehicle and licence plate for overnight parking please call (reception) 604-666-6655 Mon-Fri, or on weekends (security) 604-315-3003. Unregistered vehicles left overnight are subject to towing.   

Car Share Parking

There are four EVO Car Share parking stalls reserved on Granville Island: two west of the Public Market and two on Johnston Street in front of the former Emily Carr North building. EVO vehicles are allowed to park anywhere on the Island.  

Tour Bus Parking  

Granville Island’s tour bus zone is located on the east end of the Island off Cartwright Street and will reopen when public health guidelines allow. For more information, including permit and parking regulations, please visit our Tour Bus page.  

Tour Van Parking  

Tour vans must park in the extra-long parking provided in the Old Bridge St Outdoor Lot off Old Bridge Street, across from Railspur Alley. Please view our Tour Van Policy for more information.  

Small bus pick-up and drop-off

Located on Johnston St at the corner of Johnston St and Anderson Streets, just prior to the Public Market.  

Ride Request Services (Taxi, UBER, Lyft) drop off and pick up zones  

Granville Island has four passenger zones for quick pick-ups and drop-offs. Vehicles are allowed to stop for a maximum of 3 minutes. Click here to see Granville Island’s passenger zone map. 

Monthly Parking

Monthly parking is restricted to Granville Island tenants, residents and employees. Please click here for more information. 


Parking on Granville Island is limited. If you can, leave the car at home and get to Granville Island by bus, boat, mini-ferry, bicycle or on foot.



Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to vehicles or contents.    

Pay parking restrictions are strictly enforced 7 days a week and is managed by EasyPark.  We do not take custody of vehicles, please contact EasyPark directly for enquires in regards to tickets or towing.    

If you encounter a malfunctioning meter, please use the next closest meter; a parking phone app, or ask a parking ambassador where to locate a functioning meter.   

Easy Park Parking Violation Fees  

$40 if paid before 7 days  

$60 if paid after 7 days and before 21 days   

$80 if paid after 21 days  

 The process for payment is outlined on the back of the Notice of Violation.  

Disputing a Notice of Violation  

A visitor who has received a Notice of Violation on their vehicle may submit a dispute if the violation was issued in error.  

By Phone: EasyPark – 1-888-501-1343 and reference Lot Code 80 (Granville Island)  

Online: EasyPark  

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s and Easy Park’s legal authority to claim the amount listed on the Notice of Violation or to tow an improperly parked vehicle arises from the Law of Trespass, or in certain circumstances under the Law of Contract or the Government Property Traffic Act.  If the required payment is not made within the stated time limit, legal action may be taken to recover the amount owing, together with costs incurred.  Vehicles parked on Granville Island with outstanding fines owed to CMHC are in contravention of parking rules and regulations and may be towed and impounded.  

Note: Once a parking Notice of Violation has been paid it can no longer be disputed.