Sometimes you find the perfect gift. Sometimes you create it.

October 14, 2010

Looking for the perfect gift? The artists and artisans of Granville Island can create great unique custom work that even Santa’s workshop can’t beat. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind items or something customized for a more personal touch, the artisans on Granville Island can help.

Custom jewelry? Personalized leather bags or belts? Commissioned art? Ceramics? Personalized stationery? You’ll find all of these great thought starters and so, so much more. 

Granville Island Artists and Artisans who do custom work:
Alder Bay Boats - Handmade wooden boats
Amity Design Studio – Hand-painted scarves and garments,  jewellery
Ainsworth Custom Design – Custom furniture in metal and glass media
Black Stone Press – Personalized stationary
Forge and Form – Gold and silver jewellery, silver teapots, candelabras, cutlery and crowns
Jack Darcus – Egg tempera paintings
Daniel Materna Ceramics – Ceramic lamps, plates, and sculptures
Hammered and Pickled – Sterling silver Jewellery with semi-precious stones
Sterling Glass Works – Contemporary functional and sculptural glass works
Per Wendel Madsen Fine Jewellery – Fine jewellery
Alarte Silks – Hand-painted silk scarfs and shawls
Aurum-Argentum Goldsmiths – Gold jewellery
Funk Shui – Felt products and apparel
Hartman Leather – Leather Bags, Belts, Home accessories
Hilary Morris – Opaque watercolour and India ink paintings
Janis Dean Johnson – Playful earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets and pendants
Peter Kiss – Whimsical wooden sulptures
Sadryna Design – Leather jackets, clothing, bags, home accessories
Studio 13 –   Original paintings
Granville Island Broom Co. – Handmade brooms
Fibre Art Studio – Tapestry and art
Geza Burghardt Luthier – Stringed musical instruments
Kingsmill Pottery Studio – Ceramic masks and wall hangings
The Silk Weaving Studio – Hand dyed, woven silk garments and accessories
Michael Dean Jewellery Design – Custom designed jewellery

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Hammered & Pickled

Named for the hammering and pickling process of silver smithing, Hammered and Pickled carries unique handmade jewellery....

Michael Dean Jewellery Design

Michael Dean Jewellery Gallery was established in 1984 specializing in custom design work and hand crafted jewellery. Our specialty is engagement rings and wedding bands....

The Silk Weaving Studio

The Silk Weaving Studio is a vibrant working studio and retail shop where several weavers produce innovative and classic hand-dyed silk garments and accessories....