Outdoor Venue Booking

October 1st, 2021 - update

Bookings for the three outdoor locations on Granville Island, deemed appropriate for public use and ordinarily available at no charge for public performances and gatherings (family, school and community related), remain closed to the public due to Covid restrictions. Note, the space is open, however bookings are closed. See below. 

For future reference, please note that we do not take recurring bookings for private use, nor do we permit commercial use, where the public is charged admission or asked for a donation (exceptions are made for Granville Island Cultural Partners).

We wish you the best with your event and look forward to making these venues available to book by the public later this year. 

For questions, please email [email protected]

Other Applications:

If you are interested in producing a cultural event other than the types of events listed below, hosting an event that utilizes more that one location, and/or using a location not listed, please refer to the Granville Island Events Policy.

Photographers and filmmakers should refer to the Granville Island Filming Policies and Application.


Outdoor Venues


Public Market Courtyard

The Public Market Courtyard is an open area on the north side of the Public Market overlooking False Creek. It is surrounded on three sides by the unique stalls and restaurants of the Public Market.

The Public Market Courtyard may be booked for community and school group music performances, Mondays to Fridays only.

To reserve a date, complete the application form and email to [email protected].


The Amphitheatre at Ron Basford Park

The Amphitheatre at Ron Basford Park is a public, open space located behind the grassy hill off Cartwright Street, between Performance Works and the Granville Island Hotel. The Amphitheatre is sometimes booked for wedding ceremonies.

The Amphitheatre can be booked on its own if it is not required by renters using Performance Works. (Use of the Amphitheatre is included in the rental of Performance Works).

Bookings are taken up to six months in advance for Amphitheatre-only events and up to a year in advance for both Performance Works and the Amphitheatre.

To reserve a date, complete the application form and email to [email protected].


The Picnic Pavilion

The Picnic Pavilion is a covered area located near the entrance to Granville Island beside the pond. This outdoor space is a popular location for barbeques, family gatherings, school groups, and non-profit community group celebrations. It is not a ‘contained’ area. It accommodates a maximum of 50 guests.


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Ron Basford Park

Ron Basford Park occupies the southeastern corner of Granville Island, between Performance Works and the Granville Island Hotel....

Granville Island Public Market

Go on, you deserve a little temptation.

If Granville Island is the king of Vancouver destinations, then the Public Market is the jewel in the Island’s crown. A fascinating assortment of colourful stalls, showcasing unique homemade products and the very finest in gastronomic delights. All fresh from the ocean, the oven or the field. Try closing your eyes right now and imagine the rich aromas permeating from the lavish displays. Shimmering seafood, warm baked goods, plump fruit.

Okay, stop. That’s enough torture. Come and browse
for yourself and see just why words don’t begin to describe it.