Parking Information



Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) manages Granville Island on behalf of the Government of Canada, this includes the enforcement of parking and traffic management under the Law of Trespass, or in certain circumstances the Law of Contract or the Government Property Traffic Act. 

Keeping with Granville Island’s unique feel, the parking system is significantly different from any other neighbourhood in Vancouver.  Some of the most notable differences are the parking stall indicators, a mix of traditional yellow lines and untraditional yellow dots.  Also all parking and traffic related signage are international standard pictographs. Please keep in mind that all regulations are strictly enforced.

Please note that it is the motorist’s responsibility to properly park their vehicle.  If you are unsure or believe the signage to be unclear, you should move your vehicle to a clearly marked stall.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to vehicles or contents.  CMHC does not take custody of vehicles, but does rent space only.

There is currently a mix of paid and free parking on Granville Island. Below you will find all relevant information to parking and traffic management.

Beginning June 1 2019, CMHC will implement a new parking system. For more information, click here.


Free parking throughout Granville Island for all motorized vehicles is intended for visitors only.  All others must park in the designated pay areas.

Free parking stalls are available and vehicles are limited to occupy one stall, once per day, and subject to the maximum posted time limit, regardless of the amount of time actually parked in the chosen stall (i.e., 1 minute to 60/180 minutes).  When the posted time limit is reached, or you move your vehicle, should you require additional parking during the same day, your vehicle must be parked in a pay parking stall in order to avoid receiving a violation notice.

Free parking restrictions are strictly enforced from 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week.

As per the maximum posted time limit of either 1 or 3 hours (or less), free parking is not cumulative throughout the day and is effective once your vehicle is parked. You are not permitted to move to another designated free stall on Granville Island at any other time throughout the day. You may move to any of the designated pay stalls.

For people with disabilities there are a number of clearly marked 3 hour maximum free parking stalls throughout Granville Island.  

Pay parking restrictions are strictly enforced from 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week.                 

Metered Parking
The pay parking lots provide metered parking ranging from $3.50 for 1 hour/$15.00 a day to a maximum of 3 weeks. (Weekly rate is $80)

Monthly Parking
Monthly parking is restricted to Granville Island employees, tenants and residents and only available on a first-come, first-served basis starting on the twenty sixth (26) of every month. Monthly parking passes are available at the Granville Island Administration Office from 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays).

Monthly parking passes may only be displayed within the month identified on the face of the pass. Any vehicle displaying a pass in a month other than what is printed on the face of the pass may be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.

A monthly parking pass entitles a vehicle to be parked in a designated parking stall when it is clearly displayed. If the pass is not clearly displayed, it is VOID.  

Monthly pass holders must adhere to all Granville Island Parking Rules and Regulations. CMHC reserves the right to void any parking pass without notice if the vehicle is in breach of Granville Island Parking Rules and Regulations. 

Lost monthly passes cannot be replaced.

Vehicles not displaying a valid pass may be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.

Note: Monthly pass holders MUST park in one of the following locations:

LOT 2  - Building #35 off Anderson St.
LOT 4  - Parkade (6 Levels) off Old Bridge St.
LOT 5 -  Open Lot on Cartwright St.

Pass holders outside of these lots may be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.


Parking Meters
The meters on Granville Island can be found in all five of the pay parking lots. They accept Visa, MasterCard, PayByPhone and coins. The machines do not give change, so be sure to have the appropriate change available prior to purchasing the amount of time you will need.

If you encounter a malfunctioning meter, please use the next closest meter; or ask a parking officer where to locate a functioning meter.  Vehicles in pay lots without a registered parking purchase are subject to ticketing and towing.

Bus Parking

During the summer season (May 1 – September 30), there is no bus parking on Granville Island before 6pm. During this period, any bus entering Granville Island any day of the week up to 6pm is required to buy a permit in order to drop off and pick up passengers on the site.

During the summer season (May 1 – September 30) after 6pm and during the winter season (October 1 – April 30) at all times, parking is available for $10/hour at the outdoor lot on Cartwright Street between Arts Umbrella and Performance Works. Note that this parking is only available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance.

Please review our Tour Bus Policy for more information and a map of the pick-up and drop-off zones.

Small bus pick-up and drop-off for people with disabilities is located at the corner of Johnston and Anderson Streets, next to the Public Market.

Parking Violation Notice
Free parking spaces are available on Granville Island. Vehicles are limited to one free stall per day for the maximum posted time of either 1 or 3 hours (or less) depending on the designated area. Please note that once you have parked in the stall, the free time associated with the stall is not cumulative and vehicles are not permitted move to another free stall. Vehicles are monitored by their licence plate to ensure compliance with the parking rules and regulations. If you require more parking, please move your vehicle to a pay lot as going over the posted free time may result in receiving a Notice of Violation.

When parked in a pay lot please pay for parking at the nearest meter. Vehicles without a registered parking purchase and/or which are parked improperly or contrary to the posted rules and regulations may receive a parking violation notice and towed. Vehicles that are towed will be impounded at Buster's Towing at 425 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver, BC (604.685.8181), and will be subject to their towing and storage fees.

If you park on Granville Island in violation of these conditions, you agree to pay a violation fee of $40 if paid within 10 days. Thereafter, the fee escalates to $80. The process for payment is outlined on the back of the Notice of Violation.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s legal authority to claim the amount listed on the Notice of Violation or to tow an improperly parked vehicle arises from the Law of Trespass, or in certain circumstances under the Law of Contract or the Government Property Traffic Act.  If the required payment is not made within the stated time limit, legal action may be taken to recover the amount owing, together with costs incurred.  Vehicles parked on Granville Island with outstanding fines owed to CMHC are in contravention of parking rules and regulations and may be towed and impounded.

Note: Once a parking Notice of Violation has been paid it can no longer be disputed.

Disputing a Notice of Violation

A customer who has received a Notice of Violation on their vehicle may submit a dispute if the violation was issued in error.

By Phone:             EasyPark – 604 608 4042 and reference Lot Code 80 (Granville Island)

Online:                  EasyPark

Please note that Parking and Traffic Management is as unique as Granville Island itself and it is the motorist’s responsibility to adhere to all the rules and regulations. The best way to avoid a Notice of Violation is to be certain that your vehicle is properly parked. If in doubt, please ask a parking patroller.