Joao Carlos d’Almeida’s Island Favourites

Arts Club Theatre Head Carpenter

JCs Island Favourites


At the Arts Club Theatre we produce 16 to 20 shows a year. And we do all of that in a 10 month period. With only three carpenters that do thw work, so it keeps us very very busy.

When I first moved in here, Railspur Alley, which is right outside my shop, was just an alley. It was a parking garage, there was nothing there. Then, about 16 years ago, they tore it down and put up all of these artist studios.

We often go to the Backstage Lounge for something casual. I’ve been going there for 22 years, I’ve been a little bit partial to it because it’s owned by the Arts Club Theatre.

If I want to go for a nice meal, friends in town say they want to go someplace nice I’ll go to the Sandbar. It’s really convenient, it’s right here on Granville Island.

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The Backstage Lounge is a funky, elegant space; a perfect venue not only for live music but fundraisers, birthdays, stag, or stagettes. Join us for lunch or dinner any day of the week....

The Sandbar

Sandbar interior
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