2019 Tourism Challenge

Welcome Tourism Challenge Participants!

Granville Island, Vancouver’s Urban Oasis, is always ready and willing to receive new visitors. We’re going to warn you though: falling in love with Granville Island is something that happens to people on a regular basis, so chances are, you’re going to find not only the answers to the scavenger hunt, but also some shop, studio, artwork, entertainer, edibles – the list goes on – that will keep you coming back for more! No matter what your tastes may be, there is something here that can tickle even the ficklest fancies: how about a shop devoted entirely to licorice? Or a silk-weaving studio where you can watch even the worms weaving? Giant silos painted by famous Brazilian artists Osgemeos, towering over False Creek? And let’s not forget the food! Known around the world for its variety, among other things, the Public Market is a food-lover’s ultimate dream! With over 30 permanent vendors as well as a multitude of artisans, a trip into the Public Market is a trip into paradise. While finding the answers to the scavenger hunt, make sure you take the time to explore every nook and cranny! Give yourself some extra time to listen to a local busker, browse the boutiques, and admire stunning works of art.

Tourism Challenge Instructions

Bring your finished hunt along with your passport and a piece of ID to the CMHC Office on the second floor of the Net Loft at 1661 Duranleau Street weekdays from 10am to 3pm, starting April 23rd. There will be a table in the hallway providing successful hunters with two stamps for their passports. Please note the office will be closed weekends and stat holidays. 

Click here to see the official scavenger hunt and go off on your adventure!