National Indigenous Peoples Day 2024

On June 21, we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day, a day dedicated to honouring the cultures, heritage, and contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. This day falls within National Indigenous History Month, a time for all Canadians to deepen their understanding of Indigenous histories, traditions, and acknowledge the challenges these communities face.


This year, we would like to highlight the remarkable work of Talking Stick Festival and their incredible Indigenous artists. They have partnered with Coastal Jazz to present a series of amazing performances on Granville Island and other locations throughout Vancouver during June.

June 21: Garret T. Willie @ 8:30PM | Ocean Artworks, Granville Island

June 23: Blue Moon Marquee @ 2:15PM | Vancouver Art Gallery

June 26: DJ O Show (Artist Talk) @ 3PM | Western Front

June 26: Hand to Earth: The Crow @ 5PM | Revue Stage, Granville Island

June 27: DJ O Show (Workshop) @ 1PM | Tom Lee Music Hall

June 28-30: DJ O Show @ 10:30PM | Ocean Artworks, Granville Island


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