• Finest at Sea
    1805 Mast Tower Road, V5S 2K4
    604.684.4114 | 604.684.4194

    Bob Fraumeni, owner and founder of Finest at Sea recognized the need for a source of top quality all wild seafood products of known origin. Combined with state of the art processing, storage facilities, transportation and delivery systems, the 'Finest At Sea' products are a phone call away.

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    Seafood, Maritime Market, Food-Grocery
  • Lobsterman
    1807 Mast Tower Road, V6H 3X7
    604.687.4531 | 604.687.5099

    Over 25,000 gallons of salt water in big blue tanks full of Nova Scotia Lobster, Queen Charlotte Dungeness Crab , Alaskan King Crab, Manila Clams, P.E.I. and Pacific Golden Mussels, Swimming Pink Scallops, and Oysters from around the world! The Lobsterman has been operating since 1977 as a Federal Fisheries inspected plant under a stringent "Quality Management Program".

    Seafood, Maritime Market, Food-Grocery
  • Longliner Seafoods
    102 - 1689 Johnston Street, V6H 3R9

    Longliner Seafoods carries only hand-selected seafood ranging from wild fresh or smoked BC salmon to local halibut. We have a large selection of seafood, a knowledgeable staff, travel packing, and excellent menu ideas, all which make for an ideal shopping experience. Gift items and our own smoked salmon pouches, which require no refrigeration, are also available for your shopping needs.

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    Public Market, Seafood, Food-Grocery
  • Seafood City
    143 - 1689 Johnston Street, V6H 3R9

    Shop where the pros shop! Seafood City offers you a wide variety of seafood including harder to find items. We distinguish ourselves by providing you with very personal and knowledgeable service. Seafood City is your one-stop seafood shop.

  • The Salmon Shop
    6 - 1689 Johnston Street, V6H 3R9
    604.682.7178 | 604.669.3549

    Straight from BC’s rivers to your plate, The Salmon Shop carries fresh and delicious salmon in a variety of forms. We’ve got steaks, filets, lox, smoked salmon, salmon candy, and more, including a variety of other seafood. Don’t know which fish is right for you? Just ask our knowledgeable staff and they’ll provide you with the seafood that suits your needs!

    Public Market, Seafood, Food-Grocery
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