How to Get Here

Granville Island has many ways to come and visit!

Granville Island Public Market

Open daily, 9AM – 6PM
Beginning May 17, some businesses may be open later until 8pm

Please lineup outside for Lee’s Donuts and Oyama Sausage. Note many merchants, including Oyama, have preorder and pick up available.

Confirming hours of individual businesses ahead of visit is recommended as individual store hours may still vary.

COVID-19 Protocol 

Net Loft  

Open daily,  10AM – 6PM

Confirming hours of individual businesses ahead of visit is recommended as individual store hours may still vary

Kids Market 

Open daily, 10AM – 6PM

False Creek Community Centre

Monday-Thursday: 9AM-9:30PM

Friday: 9AM-6PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9AM-4PM

For island merchant hours, please contact the business directly.



Pay parking in effect 9 AM – 10 PM.

For more information about parking on Granville Island, click here.

Overnight parking is only permitted in the multi-level parkade on Old Bridge Street.

Getting to Granville Island

The #50 is making its regularly scheduled stops at Granville Island. Click here for upcoming departures and arrivals; visit for further details. 

#50 False Creek

The #50 False Creek bus comes from Gastown in the downtown area, along Granville St., and stops just off Granville Island, at the intersection of Anderson St. and West 2nd Ave. It will let you off on the southeast side of West 2nd Ave. Look for the large Granville Island sign and the yellow and rainbow-ed Kids Market along Anderson St. northward.

Other Bus Routes

The Granville & 5th Ave bus stop at the south end of the Granville Bridge, is also an interchange for many of the urban and suburban routes. Hop off your bus at 5th Ave and walk 5-10 minutes northward under the bridge to get to Granville Island.

For more information about Vancouver’s bus system, go to: or call (604) 953-3333.


Pay parking in effect 9 AM – 10 PM daily. For more information about parking on Granville Island, click here. Overnight parking is only permitted in the multi-level parkade on Old Bridge Street.

Getting to Granville Island by car is easy since many main thoroughfares run nearby, including the Granville St. Bridge above, and 4th Avenue to the south, and Burrard St. to the west.

From your point of origin, travel towards the intersection of West 4th Avenue and Fir Street. Then head north on Fir Street, and take either the first right at West 3rd Avenue (which turns into Anderson St. to the left (north)), or take the second right at West 2nd Ave.

You will then find yourself at the intersection of West 2nd Avenue and Anderson St., and should be able to see the Granville Island sign under the bridge looking northward on Anderson St. Follow Anderson St. onto Granville Island.

As soon as you turn the corner onto Cartwright St., (where the Kids Market is located) you’ll notice that all of the streets on the Island are now one-way.

Since Granville Island is people-friendly, there are many pedestrians walking about. While driving, please be aware of pedestrians, and watch for children.

A Note on Parking – Parking on Granville Island is limited. If you can, leave the car at home and get to Granville Island by bus, boat, bicycle or on foot.

There are four Evo Car Share parking stalls reserved on Granville Island: two in the parking lot by Tap & Barrel – Bridges and two on Johnston Street in front of the former Emily Carr North building. EVO vehicles are allowed to park anywhere on the Island.

For electric vehicles, there are six Level II 30A car charging stations available on the main level of the Old Bridge Street Indoor Lot.

Granville Island is easily accessible by bike. Conveniently located by the False Creek Seawall, there are several access points that connect Granville Island to the Seawall. To plan your route, refer to the City of Vancouver’s Cycling Map.

There’s also a pleasant, scenic bicycle path (separated from pedestrians) that runs east-to-west past the Island along the south shore of False Creek Inlet.

Aquabus also has a bike-friendly boat – the Cyquabus – that allows bicyclers to hop aboard from the dock at the foot of Hornby St., at an extra 50 cents per bike.

Many bike racks are located conveniently throughout the Island. Be sure to use a sturdy lock and fasten your bike securely. 

Granville Island also has a Mobi Bikeshare station, near the intersection of Old Bridge St and Cartwright St. There is also a station at Anderson and 2nd Ave. For more information check out Mobi’s website.

Boat Parking

If you’ve got your own water-based transportation, there is a free public dock behind the Public Market that allows three-hour moorage. Space is limited, and is first come, first served. You must register your boast on arrival at 604-315-3003

Those “cute little ferries” run from 7am to 10:30pm in the summer (8:30pm in winter).

Inexpensive and fun, the Aquabus and False Creek Ferry provide short rides across the False Creek Inlet, from the downtown side (north) to the Granville Island side (south).

The ferries run continuously from 7am to 10:30pm in the summer (8:30pm winter). Check their websites for specific schedules and information.


The rainbow-coloured Aquabus  travels around False Creek with stops at the foot of Hornby St., Stamp’s Landing, Yaletown (foot of Davie St.), and Science World. The Aquabus dock on Granville Island is located between the Public Market and the Arts Club Theatre.

False Creek Ferry

The False Creek Ferries also travel around the Inlet and stop at the Maritime Museum (west of Granville Island), the Aquatic Centre (under the Burrard St. Bridge, on the downtown side (north) of the Inlet), Stamp’s Landing, and Science World (the easternmost point of False Creek). The False Creek Ferry dock on Granville Island is located near the entrance to Bridges Restaurant.

Arriving on Granville Island by foot enables you to appreciate the Island from a whole new angle

Walking from the East or West

The False Creek Seawall passes right by Granville Island. The seawall extends west from Granville Island to Kitsilano Beach Park and east all the way to Science World and looping around to downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. Click here for a complete map.

Walking from the North
Walk from anywhere in the downtown area to one of the False Creek Ferry or Aquabus docks at the Aquatic Centre, Yaletown, Science World, the foot of Hornby St., or the foot of Davie St. Hop on the boat for a quick jaunt over to Granville Island.

Walking from the South
You’ll be following the underside of the Granville Street Bridge for some of your journey if you head to Granville Island from the south. Many roads culminate at the intersection of Anderson St. and West 2nd Ave., so take your pick, and watch for traffic.

During the summer season (May 1 – September 30), there is no bus parking on Granville Island before 6pm, only 15 minute drop off and pick up at the outdoor lot on Cartwright Street beside Performance Works. No idling. During this period, any bus entering Granville Island any day of the week up to 6pm is required to purchase a Day Permit in order to drop off and pick up passengers on the site. We respectively ask bus drivers to try to avoid taking up valuable parking spaces from in front of local businesses or blocking visibility to store fronts off the Island.

During the summer season (May 1 – September 30) after 6pm and during the winter season (October 1 – April 30) at all times, parking is available for $10/hour at the outdoor lot on Cartwright Street beside Performance Works. Note that this parking is only available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance. The outside bus lane is reserved for pick-up/drop-off and stopped buses will be required to move after 15 minutes. 

Refer to the Tour Bus Policy for more details regarding day permits and parking.

For more information on tour bus parking in Vancouver, please visit the City of Vancouver’s website:

For more information about the policy and purchasing details, see the attachment below.

Please do not idle engines for longer than three minutes.

HandyDART pick-up and drop-off is located on Johnston St at the corner of Johnston St and Anderson Streets, just east of the Public Market.  No other pick-up and drop-off is permitted outside of the designated bus lane(s) without prior approval from CMHC. 

Tour Van Policy

At all times, Tour vans entering Granville Island must park in the extra-long vehicle parking in the outdoor lot off Old Bridge Street. 

What to Wear

No, it’s not always raining in Vancouver. In fact, Vancouver is known among Canadian cities for its mild climate, and Granville Island’s is milder still. The combination of urban convection (whereby the city around generates its own heat) and being on the water – where, thanks to the Japan Current, the temperature consistently stays above five degrees Celsius – the Island seldom suffers a frosty morning. In summer, the afternoon winds off English Bay ensure the temperature rarely rises above 25° C. May through October is normally dry, but during winter months it rains. A lot. Adapted to the rainy season, Granville Island incorporates generous awnings and covered walkways into its visitor areas, but it’s good to be prepared for some dampness.

The ideal outfit for strolling Granville Island goes something like this:

  • Windbreaker. There’s almost always a breeze.
  • Windproof and waterproof fabrics such as Gore-Tex™ have become the unofficial uniform of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Sensible shoes. Sturdy walking shoes or light hikers that can absorb acres of pavement and brave the occasional puddle will make your day more pleasant. As Granville Island is a historical site there are uneven pavements, old railtracks and wooden boardwalks, please watch where you walk.
  • Sweater or fleece top, gloves. Advisable from October to April, especially if you plan to get around on the water.
  • Knapsack or shoulder bag. Convenient for squirreling away a few exotic groceries or souvenirs.
  • Sunglasses. Hey, you never know.

Public Market open 7 days a week
from 9AM - 6PM
Beginning May 17, some businesses may be open later until 8pm
Net Loft open 7 days a week
from 10AM - 6PM
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