Granville Island Bike Security : Operation Rudy



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Granville Island Bike Security : Operation Rudy

Introducing Operation Rudy: a broad-based partnership program that combats bicycle theft and improves bicycle access to Granville Island.

Developed by CMHC – Granville Island, Project 529, The City of Vancouver, The Vancouver Police Department, B.E.S.T and several Island businesses, Operation Rudy is a multi-spoked approach that addresses easy bicycle storage and registration, cyclists’ security habits, theft deterrence, and physical site design.  

 The program consists of:

1.        7-day-a-week Free Bicycle Valet: In partnership with Granville Island, B.E.S.T. is operating their free Bicycle Valet service on Granville Island from 10 am to 7:30 pm every day until Labour Day. The Bicycle Valet service is located next to the “Giants” mural. It’s free and offers monitored bicycle storage in a secure environment.

2.        Free Bicycle Registration with 529 Garage: Project 529 has partnered with The Bicycle Valet to register bicycles with their 529 Garage service. It’s a modern, easy and free registration system that’s recommended by many North American police departments, including the Vancouver Police Department and 10 neighbouring municipalities in BC. Details on how to register your bicycle can be found at or drop off your bike with The Bicycle Valet, during open hours, and we can register your ride while you shop!

3.        Loaner Locks: Project 529 has launched the Loaner Lock program in partnership with lock manufacturer ABUS and several Granville Island businesses and organizations. This pilot program allows cyclists to borrow a top-of-the-line ABUS Bordo 6000 folding lock if they’ve arrived on Granville Island with no lock, or just want the added protection of a second lock. Loaner Locks, will require cyclists to leave photo ID with the business in order to borrow a lock during their stay at the Island. The first wave of businesses supporting the program include: Cats Social House, Granville Island Brewing Taproom, Off the Tracks Café, A Bread Affair, False Creek Community Centre, and The Keg.

4.        Education Campaign: The majority of bike thefts in North America are made easier by the use of inappropriate cable locks and/or the cyclist not using the lock correctly (not locking their bike through the frame and a wheel to a secure bike rack). Signs attached to bicycle racks on Granville Island now encourage cyclists to use appropriate locks and locking methods. For some locking tips from Project 529, click here.

5.        Bait Bikes: The Vancouver Police Department is increasing activity on Granville Island with its Bait Bike program and will increase its visibility on the Island over the coming months to apprehend and discourage thieves who target Granville Island cyclists.

6.        Increased Visible Bicycle Parking: Granville Island has increased bicycle parking in high-visibility areas adjacent to the Public Market to allow for less crowding in this popular area and will also be relocating some of the bike racks to increase safety and convenience for cyclists.


About Operation Rudy

Operation Rudy is a broad-based partnership to address bicycle security and access on Granville Island. The partners include: Granville Island, The Vancouver Police Department, The City of Vancouver, Project 529, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (B.E.S.T.) and several Granville Island businesses and organizations. “Rudy” is a persona who represents bicycle riders across the Lower Mainland. Although a victim of bicycle theft in the past, the experience has only made Rudy a more dedicated and vigilant cyclist. By investing in a good lock, taking the time to lock up properly, and registering bikes on 529 Garage, Rudy is making Granville Island one of the most bicycle-friendly places in Vancouver.