Day Vendors

The Day Vendors of the Granville Island Public Market invite you to experience a diverse array of BC’s finest in craft, art and artisan created foods!

We are the artists, crafts people, farm and food artisans of the Public Market on Granville Island collectively known as “Day Vendors.” Located in booths throughout the Market building, we offer a diverse high quality selection of fine craft, fine art, handmade and local products – all created, grown or produced by each vendor – and each an independently owned and operated business.

The Public Market Day Vendors are made up of some of BC’s finest in their fields. Many of the vendors are award winning, full-time professionals – some traveling throughout North America to display and sell their work. All of the vendors are required to pass through a stringent jury process in order to sell their work in the Public Market.
We have something for everyone every day:

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Fine Art and Photography
  • Functional and decorative Clay and Porcelain
  • Fashion Accessories: Hats, Bags and Silks
  • Fused and Stained Glass
  • Handmade Soaps, Creams and Bath Products
  • Beautiful and functional items for your home
  • Fun and cozy items for children
  • Delicious Jams, Preserves, Sauces and Treats
  • …and much, much more!

Operating on a rotating schedule, the mix of vendors changes every week – there are always new creations to discover.

Interested in becoming a Granville Island Day Vendor?

Interested in being a craft day-vendor? The next adjudication is happening in February 2015. The info/application package will be available late fall 2014.

Please contact a Tenant Coordinator at (604) 666-6477 and choose “Option 4” or email us at