Welcome to Winterruption 2017!

Granville Island's Winterruption Festival returns! Take a break from the cold, grey winter and come on down to the Island.

Our New Festival Hub: The Forge
What is The Forge? Once it was the home of Canada Chain and Forge. It rang with the sound of hammers on red-hot metal and was warmed from the blazing heat of blast furnaces. For Winterruption, we return it to life with red-hot music and the warmth that comes from great times with fun people! We are painting on the walls, setting up a stage, playing with cardboard and having a fine old time. Great music, great food, beautiful art, fun interactivity, heck there is even a maple-sugar shack! While there is activity in every corner of Granville Island during Winterruption, The Forge is our festival home under the bridge. Come in and stay a while.

So shake off the rain (or snow), get off the couch, and embrace winter in Vancouver with a burst of colourful music, art, performance and food!  Granville Island is waiting for you to join us!

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