Granville Island & Public Market Update

March 18, 2020

The 40 acres that make up Granville Island are open to the public; however, tour groups and buses are temporarily restricted from Granville Island due to health authorities’ directives to maintain social distancing of two metres per person. Tour buses who do arrive on Granville Island and are not aware of this newly implemented directive will be informed that no loading or unloading is permitted on Granville Island. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are very much looking forward to welcoming our tour groups back in the future.

The Public Market must be treated as a grocery source for locals, and tours or tour groups in the market are not permitted. Those that do enter may use the market for grocery and food shopping only, and are required to observe social distancing. Capacities are being monitored by CMHC and do not pose a concern at this time. Public seating has been removed to discourage gatherings, which are no longer permitted in groups of 50 or more, and all food and groceries are for take-out only consumption.

  • No large gatherings or dine-in permitted; public seating has been removed
  • Seniors only shopping from 9am-10am
  • No patrons should enter if:
    • You have a cold or flu-like symptoms
    • You have been exposed to anyone with symptoms of or confirmed COVID-19/Coronavirus
    • You are not here for needed groceries or supplies