Anat Basanta Designs

Anat Basanta Designs

Unique handmade jewellry

At a "late age", after moving to Canada, and with a background in the arts, I embarked on a new "career." I didn't imagine at the time how far it would take me- physically, metaphorically, and....financially : )

Here is my usual blurb: I am fond of using familiar ornamented “retro” patterns, almost kitschy wall-paper like designs, which typically appear in fabrics, ribbons and laces. I use these textured patterns alongside woven silver to capture the softness, fluidity, and airy nature of knitted textiles. I tend to work with simple forms, and strive to reach the meeting point of beauty and intrigue.

Find some of Anat's jewellry at The Niche Gallery  at The Creekhouse #105 - 1551 Johnston Street, Vancouver BC

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