ARTYRA Studio / Aleksandra Kalinic

With artistic approach and curiosity, Aleksandra strives to create unique jewelry that looks ancient yet modern, raw yet sophisticated, bold and delicate, which will be for the wearer, something special.  Aleksandra is multi-talented.  When she immigrated to Canada in 2001, she focused on ceramics, making porcelain lamps and stoneware scupltures.  Recently, she attained the Signature Member status (AFCA) with the Federation of Canadian Artists for her paintings.  "To me, painting is a powerful way to grow inside, communicate, explore and be free.  Through the creative process, I get to know myself and the world better, and strive to express emotion and beauty of the moment."  Aleksandra's work can also be found at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery on the east end of Granville Island near the Granville Island Hotel - 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC.