AwesomeSauce Designs / Corinne Leroux

Corinne is the creator of Awesome Sauce Designs, located in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  She is a designer, illustrator, stained glass artist, and hobbyist of all kinds, and is constantly learning new arts and crafts.

Corinne likes to create quirky and unique crafts and works of art.  Her greeting cards reflect her love of terrible and frequent puns that she finds pretty hilarious (if others do is up for debate though).  Corinne gets weirdly excited about 80s cartoons and pop culture and focuses her stained glass art around this.  The windows and sun-catchers she creates are definitely not your traditional stained glass works.

Corinne is always looking for new projects and is up for new suggestions. Available for commission work, so if you have a project, please contact her!

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