Bubble Bombs / Agnes Kao

Bubble Bombs is a local beverage and drink company based in Vancouver. Our star product, Cocktail Bombs, are little pearly spheres filled with delicious cocktails!  Bubble Bombs are a versatile and shelf stable product that allows chefs to add some molecular mixology to their repertoire.  Resembling caviar, flavour pearls are drops of fruity juices or alcoholic cocktails encapsulated into a thin agar-agar shell.  Flavours include passionfruit, pomegranate, pineapple, strawberry, lychee, green apple and Calpis Japanese yogurt. The liquids used are of high quality and the agar-agar shells are made from seaweed material.

Due to Covid 19 health and safety guidelines, Granville Island Day Vendors are currently not in the Public Market. Please contact them directly for sales information.