Darla Zary Art Thru Soul / Darla Zary

Darla Zary is a multi-media artist, teacher and visionary based in Vancouver, BC.
Having experienced her “ah-ha” moment at the age of five, she began seeing the world as an artist, and ever since has dedicated her life to exploring art at many levels– starting with art as a form of self-expression and making beauty in the world, then evolving into using art to make profound connections with others and spark their own creativity and transformations.
Here on Granville Island, Darla is best known for her one-of-a-kind ornaments, talismans and cards. She offers everything from whimsical , inspirational spirit guides and quotes, to honouring seasonal celebrations. Each piece has a beauty unique to itself, but a common thread that ties her work together is the ability to connect the viewer to the heart, the soul, the spirit of the creation.
Darla loves to connect with people on a personal basis, and is always open for commissioned artwork as well.

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