Driftwood Bay Designs / Marcel Merks

Driftwood birdhouses, custom rustic driftwood furniture and charcuterie boards.  Inspiration for Marcel's birdhouses and driftwood furniture come from his love of nature, gardening and birds.  Through his birdhouses, Marcel aims to create new homes for wild birds whose habitats have been lost through urban development.  Marcel's furniture comes from an appreciation of wood that has survived the elements and enjoys how driftwood and live edge slabs look after being sunbleached,water-immeresed and even ravished by insects.  Most of the materials are reclaimed and repurposed.  Marcel tries to not overwork the wood so it is left in a raw natural state.  His goal is to create sturdy, rustic furniture that has both form and function.  The charcuterie boards made from driftwood are functional and treated for food safety.

Due to Covid 19 health and safety guidelines, Granville Island Day Vendors are currently not in the Public Market. Please contact them directly for sales information.