Granville Island Public Market

The Public Market is open from 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week. Parking is free until 11 am - If Granville Island is the king of Vancouver destinations, then the Public Market is the jewel in the Island's crown. Food that's fresh from the ocean, the oven, and the field, just waiting to find its way into your shopping bag, and ultimately, onto your plate. Local staples and delicacies, as well as specialty foods from around the world, the Public Market is a haven for culinary artists, rookie chefs, and everyone in between.

Due to Covid-19, the Day Vendor program has been suspended, and tours are not allowed in the Market at this time.

For thse lingering on the Island for dinner or drinks, parking is free at 6 pm..

All businesses on Granville Island are following current Vancouver Coastal Health Covid-19 guidelines. See posted signage at individual stores for additional protocols.