Mokajade Designs / Roshaan Ganief and Elsa Chu

Roshaan Ganief is a designer/author/craftsperson working out of her garage workshop in beautiful British Columbia. She was born and raised in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, where she learned the value of hard work from her Grandma who raised 9 children almost single handed! A true inspiration! Fifteen years ago, she stumbled upon the fascinating medium of woodworking during her exploration of different mediums at Kwantlen University College in Surrey, BC, which included painting, ceramics, printmaking and sculpture. She was soon hooked on this new and wonderful medium. She loves the natural characteristics of wood and the total sensory experience one gains while working with this medium. She has now found the perfect fusion, between her passion for woodworking, and her love of art and design.
Mokajade Designs can be found at The Niche Gallery.

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