Ravenwood Soap / Dalia Mizrahi and Vita Liepa

Ravenwood Soap products are handmade in British Columbia in small batches to ensure the utmost quality and wonderful feel of handmade soap and skin care products. Products are 100% natural, with no petrochemicals, or artificial colours or fragrances. Whole ingredients are used whenever possible to maximize the effectiveness of their natural therapeutic compounds. Ravenwood products are simple, fresh, and effective. We use luxurious oils such as coconut, olive, and sunflower as the base. Dried and ground plant materials including herbs, flowers, and spices, are then added. Plants such as borage, plantain, and lavender are used for their natural medicinal qualities. Essential oils give the products their finishing touch. All our products are freshly made in small batches; the shelf life of our products is one year. We recommend using the products as soon as you receive them.

Due to Covid 19 health and safety guidelines, Granville Island Day Vendors are currently not in the Public Market. Please contact them directly for sales information.