Rosehip Hats / Shari Reid

My love for fashion arts, and hats in particular, grew from a life-long passion for beautiful textiles, along with a special intrigue of historic costume. From early headwear adornment to the latest in runway fashion – a hat surely expresses ones sense of individuality quite unlike any other clothing item.
Rosehip Hat styles are modern, classic, and filled with originality and charm. I’ve designed and made my one-of-a-kind hats in my home studio for over 30 years and have been selling my work in the Public Market on Granville Island since 1997. I find inspiration and energy in the bustling Market atmosphere. It’s especially exciting for me to help customers from all over the world in finding their perfect hat – a hat with a comfortable fit, a flattering shape and colour, and one that quickly becomes their favourite. Hand-made and finely-crafted in Vancouver, Canada.
Please visit my website to browse and shop my full collection, find helpful tips and information, and sign up for my monthly newsletter to ‘stay in the loop’.

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