West Coast Hydrosols / Gina Whitfield and Michael Gariepy

We believe that people are living techno-stressed lives these days. We certainly did. But in our time living amongst plants, we’ve seen how taking the time to unplug has helped us regain balance. Our work creating hydrosols has turns our shared loves of nature, science, mindfulness, art, and traditional methodologies into pure plant mists that people love.
Raw Hydrosols are the most ethical way to get the benefits of a plant’s essential oils.
Properly balanced hydrosols are safe for our skin and people of all ages. They are the original way we used plants for therapeutic benefits and use a fraction of the plant material required for pure essential oil extraction. Every hydrosol we make is made from fresh plants on Pender Island, BC – we hand pick only what we need for each batch, and leave every plant we touch alive and ready to be visited again!

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