The Lemon Square

We create simply delicious Lemon Coconut Squares, perfect with a nice cup of tea, a good strong coffee or a cheeky glass of bubbles. The Lemon Square is perfect for […]

Popina Canteen

Popina is about fast food done better. It is the vision of a team of celebrated chefs who came together to serve Vancouver the four things they craved most for […]

Public Market Dock

The Public Market Dock – A public dock offering moorage for visiting boats and Aquabus ferries, directly behind the Public Market. Dock access via the ramp next to Backstage Lounge. […]

Public Market West Washroom (open until 7 pm)

Washrooms in the Public Market, located close to one of the exits from the food court, servicing Kaisereck Delicatessen (open until 7 pm), Popina Canteen (open until 8 pm), and […]

Public Market Outdoor Lot

Large outdoor parking lot at the western end of Johnston Street, between the Public Market and Bridges.

Public Market ATM

RBC ATM in the Public Market near the Nut Merchant, across from Laurelle’s Fine Foods.