Buskers return to Granville Island

After a two year hiatus, our buskers have returned! Granville Island Buskers can be found performing throughout the day at 5 locations, Triangle Square (outside bread affair), the Public Market Courtyard, Kid’s Market Courtyard, the Ferry Landing, Railspur Alley, and on weekends outside the Keg (trivia The Granville Island Keg pre-dates the Public Market and was the first Keg in what would become an iconic Canadian chain).
From amplified performances to acoustic music to performance art and circle acts, these talented performers come to Granville Island from all over the world.
Granville Island buskers are juried, auditioned and licenced, and only those with a Granville Island Busking licence can perform on the Island. They are not paid to perform, and make their living from tips, streaming and other performance opportunities. You can find links to all our buskers here
From award winning artists, up and coming musicians, and Island vets (over 30 years performing here) we have a long, varied, and sometimes storied history, with some pretty famous Canadian artists busking here in the past – can you say Sarah Mclaughlin and Jan Arden to name a couple!
The nicer the weather, the more busker performances, but we have a few who like to perform on Island, rain or shine!


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