Day Vendors return to the Public Market

We are pleased to announce the return of our Day Vendor program, this spring in the Granville Island Public Market.
In March 2020 the Day Vendor stalls and tables were cancelled and structures removed in the Public Market due to pandemic social distancing protocol put in place by the Office of the BC Health Officer. Now that capacity restrictions have been lifted, we are pleased to announce we will be restarting the program this spring. In addition, we are discussing opportunities to have a night market during some of the festivals and events happening on the island, which Day Vendors may be invited to participate in, as well as exploring spaces on the island for pop-up markets.
The Granville Island Public Market Day Vendors are some of the finest in their fields. They are a diverse array of BC’s finest in craft, art and artisan created foods. Operating on a rotating schedule, the mix of vendors changes every week – there are always new creations to discover. Only products produced by BC artists & artisans are considered. They are the artists, craftspeople, farm and food artisans located in booths throughout the Market, who offer diverse, high-quality *handmade and local products – all created, grown or produced by the vendor. Many are award-winning, full-time professionals, and all pass through a stringent process in order to sell their work in the Market.
Due to the enormous task of building the program back up, we will start with all previously adjudicated vendors and at this time will not be opening up applications to vendors who have not previously sold their wares in the Public Market. We ask vendors to be patient and to please watch our social media channels and website for any announcement of new opportunities and for an opening date for new applications and adjudications.
While we reintroduce the program we have listed all previously adjudicated Day Vendors in our directory, with links to their businesses. Please search the Granville Island directory to contact our current day vendors directly to support them and for sales information.
Granville Island provides a platform to small owner-operated businesses who wish to sell their wares within the Granville Island Public Market. Temporary vendor tables rotate on a weekly basis with a focus on adjudicated artist and artisan vendors, food vendors and other ancillary vendors that provide additional interest and variety to the Public Market mix. The representation within the Day Vendor program varies depending on artist & artisan bookings as well as the offerings of permanent Public Market tenants.
A BC Artist & Artisan is defined as: a British Columbian resident* whose studio and home address is located in British Columbia. (*BC Resident means: person who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, and who’s only or primary residence is in British Columbia, AND has been physically present in British Columbia for the greater portion of each of the 12 calendar months immediately preceding the date of application.) *A handmade article is considered to be hand-crafted and eligible for adjudication when: the shaping and forming of the article is from a variety of materials, its finishing and decoration are accomplished by hand-labour; Manually controlled methods are used that permit the maker to control and transform the construction, shape, design and finishing of each major part of an individual product. Each item is hand-crafted by the Artists or Artisans and the article is the original idea of a craftsperson, or a skilful rendering of a traditional or classic design.
Ready-made parts or materials are used if they are subordinate to the total design and craftsmanship of the article;
A craftsperson, by definition, displays craftsmanship, not just “handiness”.


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