Rare Shops and Unique Businesses

Granville Island is home to some, not only unique businesses, but to some pretty rare businesses as well. Do you know what a Luthier is?
Home to a working Blacksmith, an architectural scale model creator, and a broom making shop, Granville Island is also home to one of Canada’s few Luthieries. Geza Burghardt, a professionally trained Luthier, whose working studio in the Net Loft, builds, repairs, and restores beautifully hand-crafted string instruments, including guitars, violins, and cellos as a rare profession – and we are proud to have him on Granville Island for over 30 years.
In addition to his own studio work, he also does repairs and restorations for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and other symphonies and musicians across Canada and the US.
You can still step into his studio in the Net Loft and witness the creation of art and music together, purchase unique instruments and have your precious string instrument repaired and restored.


Public Market open 7 days a week
from 9AM - 6PM
Beginning May 17, some businesses may be open later until 8pm
Net Loft open 7 days a week
from 10AM - 6PM
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