The Open Consumption Pilot is now permanent!  

A burger and a beer, a lobster roll and a Pinot Gris, even a charcuterie board with a gin and tonic – the choice is yours, and now you can enjoy it while taking in the spectacular views and entertainment in the Public Market Courtyard on Granville Island! 

After a successful pilot, Granville Island is now the newest permanent location in Metro Vancouver to offer visitors an opportunity to responsibly enjoy alcoholic beverages in a designated public area, which includes both the Public Market and the adjoining outdoor Courtyard. For those rainy days (and months later in the year), visitors can choose to sit inside.     

Trial Specifics:  

  • Location Boundaries: Public Market Interior & Public Market Courtyard (see map) 
  • Launch Date: June 9, 2023 
  • Hours of consumption:
    • May to October: 11am – 8pm 
    • November to April: 11am – 7pm  

Not sure where the boundaries start and end? 

As soon as you enter the doors into the Public Market, you are in the open consumption space. In the Courtyard, these boundaries are delineated by two signs about the Open Consumption Pilot at either exterior access point into the Courtyard.   

Great! What are the rules and restrictions for consuming in this space? 

Participants must… 

  • Be at least 19 years of age to consume alcohol. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited on the Island and persons may be subject to age checks. 
  • Only consume in these boundaries and within the designated times.  
  • Note: The Public Market closes at 6pm daily. Participants may continue to order take out and purchase liquor from the nearby restaurants and beer, wine & liquor (or just beer & wine) retailers and consume them in the Courtyard during designated hours. 
  • Dispose of all trash and recycling in the appropriate bins. 
  • Be conscious of demand for seating and make room for visitors looking for spaces to sit and enjoy their food. 
  • Consume responsibly and be respectful of other visitors, tenants, nearby businesses, and Security personnel. 
  • Not smoke within 6 metres (20 feet) of doors, windows or air intakes.  Please consider not smoking in any of our public spaces 
  • Not drink and drive. The Island has plenty of safe ways to return home if you’ve had too much to drink. Please see ‘How do I get home if I’ve been drinking’? below. 


  • Patrons who are visibly intoxicated, unruly, behaving inappropriately, and/or disturbing other visitors or tenants on Island will be asked to leave the Island and may be subject to public intoxication penalties, as administrated by the Vancouver Police Department across the City. 
  • Any patron who chooses to consume liquor in any of the designated Permitted Areas does so at their own risk and absolves CMHC-Granville Island and any of its tenants of legal responsibility resulting in injury, death, or bodily harm. 


How do I get home if I’ve been drinking? 

  • Grab one of the water taxis, an Uber or Lyft, or taxi outside of the Taxi Stand in front of the Public Market.  
  • You can also take the following buses: 
  • #050 WB – Waterfront Stn bus to downtown Waterfront Station.  
  • Stops at the intersection of Anderson St and West 2nd Ave.  
  • Approx. 6-minute walk from the Public Market  
  • #84 EB- VCC-Clark Station bus to Olympic Village or VCC-Clark Sky Train Station.  
  • Stops at the south side of 4th Ave and Fir St.  
  • Approx. 10-minute walk from the Public Market 
  • #84 WB – UBC bus to Kitsilano and UBC Campus.  
  • Stops on the north side of 4th Ave and Fir St.  
  • Approx. 10-minute walk from the Public Market 
  • #004, 007, 010, 014, 050 SB bus to downtown.  
  • Stops at 5th Ave and Granville St.  
  • Approx. 10-minute walk from the Public Market 


Got it! Where can I buy a takeout meal with liquor, or liquor for consumption on Island? 

Granville Island is proud to offer a diversity of food and beverage offerings across the Island. Below is a list of all Island restaurants and liquor retailers. Feel free to purchase a meal with liquor to-go, or purchase liquor directly from a retailer to enjoy with any of the many food offerings in the Public Market.  

For the restaurants below, feel free to call in your takeout order and confirm if you can purchase a drink with your meal.  

Liquor Retailers: 

Artisan SakeMaker 

Location: 1339 Railspur Alley 

Contact Information: (604) 685-7253 


Granville Island Brewing Company 

Location: 1441 Cartwright St 

Contact Information: (604) 687-2739 


Liberty Distillery 

Location: Railspur Alley 

Contact Information: (604) 558-1998 


Liberty Wine Merchants 

Location: 1660 Johnston St (Net Loft Building) 

Contact Information: (604) 602-1120 


Note: Offers both wine and canned beer 


Alimentaria Mexicana 

Location: 1596 Johnston St 

Contact Information: (236) 521-8438 


Dockside Restaurant & Patio  

Location: 1253 Johnston St (Granville Island Hotel) 

Contact Information: (604) 685-7070 


Kaisereck Deli 

Location: 1689 Johnston St (Public Market) patio open until 7 pm 

Contact Information: (604) 685-8810  


The Keg Steakhouse + Bar 

Location: 1499 Anderson St 

Contact Information: (604) 685-4735 


Market Grill 

Location: 1689 Johnston St (Public Market) (is their patio open until 7 pm as well?  

Contact Information: (604) 689-1918 


Off the Tracks Bistro  

Location: 1363 Railspur Alley (open until 4 pm weekday/5 pm weekends)  

Contact Information: (604) 689-8700 


Popina Canteen 

Location: 1691 Johnston St 



Location: 1535 Johnston St (Creekhouse) 

Contact Information: (604) 669-9030 


Tap & Barrel Bridges 

Location: 1696 Duranleau St 

Contact Information: (604) 687-4400 


Tony’s Fish & Oyster Café  

Location: 1511 Anderson St. 

Contact Information:  604 683 7127 


Vancouver Fish Co 

Location: 1517 Anderson St 

Contact Information: (604) 559-3474 


Will there be opportunities to expand this pilot to other locations on the Island? 

Building off of the success of the pilot program, Granville Island Administration will be considering other areas of the Island that can support and benefit from this initiative. Stay tuned to find out more! 

What do I do if someone is being disruptive? 

Our Security team will be monitoring the space during all consumption hours to ensure that visitors are adhering to the program rules and regulations. Please contact Security at (604) 315-3003 for support or assistance with any disruptive behaviour. If you are concerned for yours or another person’s safety, please call 9-1-1 directly. 

Where can I find the washrooms? 

Washrooms, located inside the Public Market, can be accessed until the Public Market closes at 6pm and until 7 pm at the Public Market entrance beside Kaisereck. After these hours, you can find gender neutral public washrooms located around the corner from the Courtyard across from Arts Club Theatre and directly next to the Revue Stage until the hours of consumption end. Washrooms are also available at the False Creek Community Centre. Mon-Fri until 9:30 pm/ Sat, Sun & holidays until 4 pm.


Love this trial? Have concerns? We want to hear it all! Please provide your input in the feedback box below. 

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from 9AM - 6PM
Net Loft open 7 days a week
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