BC Spot Prawn Bisque With Dungeness Crab

Recipe courtesy of Eric Pateman, Edible British Columbia president.


Head and Bodies of 2 lbs of BC Spot Prawns (Seafood City)
1 Onion, Finely Chopped (Green Grocer)
2 Large Carrots, Roughly Chopped (Green Grocer)
4 Large Ripe Tomatoes, Roughly Chopped (Green Grocer)
¼ C Brandy (Liquor Store)
500 ml Whipping Cream (Milk Man)
2 Tbsp Lobster Oil (Edible BC)
8 oz Dungeness Crab Meat for Garnish (Seafood City)


Serves 8
Place the prawn heads, onion, carrot, tomatoes and brandy in an 8L stock pot and cover with enough water to go approximately 4 inches above all the ingredients. The exact amount of water does not matter since you will be reducing this stock.
Bring the pot to a soft boil and decreasing the heat, simmer until the liquid is almost level with the ingredients.
Using a stick blender or traditional blender, puree the ingredients together and return to the pan and reduce again by half.
Remove the pan from the heat and strain the liquid through a very fine strainer twice and return to a clean saucepan.
Add the cream and return the pan to a low heat and reduce the liquid by half again.
Taste the soup and season if required, but most likely all the sweetness from the tomatoes and carrots, and the saltiness of the prawns will create an almost perfect taste. Just before serving, garnish with the lobster oil and Dungeness crab meat.
Pairing Suggestion: Sumac Ridge Stellar’s Jay Brut 2002

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