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Dear Laila

The Fishbowl Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dear Laila shares the Palestinian experience of displacement and resistance through the story of one family, exposing how war and exile infiltrate the everyday and the domestic. In this intimate, interactive installation for one, we explore a model of the home Zaraa grew up in. Open drawers. Leaf through photo albums. Look at the pictures […]

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Live Performance360: The Magic Hour 360

The Fishbowl Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Guided through scenes by rich audio, video, lighting and stagecraft The Magic Hour 360 explores the routes of the imagination; the physical world meets the digital world, blending art, design, music and text in a multi-layer mixed-media feast for the senses. The destination of this curious and magical journey is a reflection on an unprecedented […]

Performing Arts

LivePerformance360: Swimming Home

The Fishbowl Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

LivePerformance360 is Boca del Lupo’s new presentation series that explores how performing artists, presenters and producers are creating and working with XR. The series launches with Silvia Mercuriali’s latest Autoteatro, Swimming Home, an immersive theatre experience for an audience of one that takes place in their own bathroom and delivered directly into people’s homes through […]

Performing Arts

Net Zero

The Fishbowl Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Boca del Lupo’s Net Zero invites you, our community, to visit us this summer on Granville Island and engage in a discussion about our big questions and for you to bring yours. It’s a free interactive installation and first real-world attempt to drive the technology of our space with the Pedal Power of our community. […]

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Red Phone and Plays2Perform@Home

The Fishbowl Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Boca del Lupo Presents Red Phone And Offers Plays2Perform@Home Two Innovative Theatre Projects that Blur the Line between Audience and Actor. Part theatre and part social intervention, Red Phone is an audience-to-audience performance that utilizes the intimacy of a phone call and the technology of a teleprompter. And Plays2Perform@Home is an artfully designed script Box […]

Performing Arts

DBLSPK: Himmat by Gavan Cheema

The Fishbowl Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

DBLSPK is a quarterly reading series where we present and discuss works that traverse linguistic boundaries. We dive into what is gained and lost when we navigate through different languages and cultures in our lives and art. The November edition features Gavan Cheema’s Himmat, translated by Paneet Singh; this play in progress utilizes both Punjabi […]

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