Salmon and Scallop Tartare with Avocados

A part of the fish carcass that is often overlooked during the filleting of a fish is the spine itself. A thrifty cook will notice that there can be a good bit of meat left on the spine when fish fillets are removed. Using a spoon, you can scrap off the meat, chop it coarsely, and use it to make tartar.

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Seafood City Chow-Dah

Using white wine or sake, lots of fresh seafood, bacon, veggies, fresh herbs, and other seasonings, it’s a rich and hearty meal that’s best enjoyed on the coast.

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Simple Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue is great way to entertain, especially during the Fall and Winter. Use your imagination and substitute different hard to semi-hard cheeses for different flavours. You can also spice it up by using combinations such as Jack cheese with Jalapeno etc. Serves 4

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